Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Clever Cutter PRO 2
2 available


2 In 1 Clever Cutter, Kitchen Knife, Food Chopper, Kitchen Scissors, Smart Cutter, Vegetable Slicer, Cutting Board, Cleaver Cutter

Bento Lunch Box Pink 6 compartment Bento Lunch Box Pink
1 available


Bento Lunch Box Blue 6 compartment Bento Lunch Box Blue
1 available


Transparent Padlock with keys and tools Transparent Padlock with keys and tools
5 available


Transparent Padlock with keys and tools to Practice Lock Picking Ideal for budding Locksmiths (180g)

Kirby Vacuum Dust Bags Kirby Vacuum Dust Bags(6's)
3 available


Milk Frother Milk Frother
2 available


Drain Clamp Drain unblocking clamp
8 available


Pipe drain dredger unblocking cleansing hair removing clamp

Smokeless infrared oven Smokeless infrared oven
1 available


Smokeless BBQ rotary oven infra-red grill automatic rotation rotisserie Cheaper to run than a hibachi grill. Instant heat, smokeless, even heat. Easy for kebabs, tikka chicken, sosatie, braai, bbq, etc.

touchlights Magnetic Touchlights
4 available


takoyaki Takoyaki
1 available


waffle maker Hotdog wafflemaker
0 available


Batter Dispenser Batter Dispenser
2 available


High Quality Pancake Batter Dispenser

360 degree Flexible Sink Faucet Sprayer Flexible Faucet Sprayer
7 available


360 degree Flexible Sink Faucet Sprayer
Product Length: 15.5 cm
Filter diameter: 3.5cm

Mini Waffle Maker Mini Waffle Maker
2 available


Mini Waffle Maker

Non-Stick BBQ Bake Bag Non-Stick BBQ Bake Bag
2 available


mosquito killer Mosquito Killer
1 available


egg cutter Egg Cutter
4 available


Egg cutter separator scissors
Effortlessly remove the top of the egg. Suitable for raw egg, soft boiled egg or hard boiled egg, can make various egg cuisine. With this clever kitchen tool you can easily make egg custard, pudding, little cake even some green plants artwork Usage method: 1.Holding the egg by hand, make sure that your egg cutter is placed on the top of the pointed end of the egg. 2.Pull the ball up and then let go to beat the egg. Generally, raise the hammer to a height of about 0.6in (1.5cm) and knock the eggshell 3-4 times. You can get a complete eggshell top. Hot Tips: When cracking the egg, hold the egg with your hand and do not put egg on hard objects such as egg trays or egg holders. During the multiple tapping process, be careful not to move the initial position.

Kirby Vacuum Dust Bags Kirby Dust Bags + belt
2 available


rubber castor wheels 5 pcs Rubber castor wheels
12 available


Thermoplastic rubber double castor wheels 5 piece set. Thanks to the double-wide wheel design, they can roll 360 degrees without leaving any scratches on hardwood floor. Friendly to your floor. Suitable for most office chairs, easy to install. Each castor wheel has 4 ball bearings supporting up to 60kg per wheel. No more squeaks and crunches. Shipping weight: 850g Insert rod 11mmX22mm Material: TPR Maximum load: 60(kg) Installation height: 57mm Bearing: 4 Wheel width: 20mm



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